Chicago Bears: It is time to bounce back in 2020 and make the playoffs

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears 2019 campaign was filled with hope but ended in disappointment. Can this team get back to its 2018 form and make the playoffs? It will take both Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace relinquishing their egos.

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions, which have left some Chicago Bears fans with a bad taste in their mouth. Many are still questioning how Ryan Pace could’ve passed up on drafting Mahomes in the 2017 draft. Right now, there are probably some San Francisco 49ers fans who are wondering that same thing. No one can surely know how teams passed up on Mahomes, just as we will never understand why Tom Brady was drafted so late. It’s time for the Bears to bounce back and make the playoffs.

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It’s officially the start of a new NFL season. Time to erase all the hope we had in 2019 and time for us fans to reenergize our focus on the upcoming year.  The Chicago Bears should be highly competitive next year and should be able to bounce back after a disastrous 2019 season and make the playoffs. The one thing that they will need to fix is their stubbornness.

Mitchell Trubisky could still be the Chicago Bears QB of the future; however, if he continues to struggle, then Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are going to need to consider an alternative option. Even though they stated in their end of the year press conference that Trubisky is their chosen starting QB, they need to go out in either free agency or the draft and find a suitable backup. Chase Daniel is not that person.  If Trubisky were to continue to play poor in 2020,  then there needs to be someone to come in and take over. Just like Ryan Tannehill did for the Tennessee Titans.

Another thing that the Bears need to be willing to do, which relates to their stubbornness, is not to continue to keep players on the team that provide no value. The reality of the phrase “he is our guy” is not enough to warrant a continued contract with the team. There is a reason they didn’t make the playoffs in 2019, and while coaching had some to do with that, it was mostly the players not executing. For example, if the Bears don’t cut ties with their current tight end core, then it’s a clear signal that the coaching staff and front office are inept in their roles.

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The Chicago Bears are a few missing pieces away from being a very good team again. It’s going to take both Nagy and Pace to place their egos to the side and to focus on what is going to be best for this franchise. There are a few positions that need to be reevaluated, and there are going to be some tough decisions that are going to need to be made. It’s pertinent that these changes need to be made and their stubbornness set to the side in order to get this team back on track.