Chicago Bears: 5 Bold predictions for the 2020 offseason

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Ryan Pace sparks the offense

This team is lacking some offensive explosion and Ryan Pace cannot standby and watch other teams score 24-plus points every week. The defense is set up to win a Super Bowl, yet the offense is drastically lagging behind. Many will lean on the fact they believe the team does not have a competent quarterback. Even if that was the case, even elite quarterbacks need offensive weapons at their disposal.

Watch how often Tyreek Hill takes a mid-level pass for a huge gain. Watch Davante Adams make spectacular sideline catches. Allen Robinson is very, very close to being that guy, but he lacks the vertical speed to take a slant to the house. This is something I think Matt Nagy’s offense is missing right now. Taylor Gabriel was supposed to be that guy and flashed at times, but he should not be back in 2020.

The tight end position was an absolute joke and the running game did not improve. I have faith in David Montgomery being a playmaker in the NFL, but the offensive line struggled to block their own shadows in 2019. Ryan Pace absolutely needs to address the quarterback position, but he also needs to find weapons for Nagy and whoever is quarterbacking the team in 2020.

To do this, I predict Ryan Pace will be drafting a wide receiver with one of his two second-round picks in April. Jalen Reagor would be the guy I hope falls to them, but there are a couple of receivers who will fall into the second round but have first-round talent. Pace will be hard-pressed not to draft one of them.