Chicago Bears NFL Draft 2020: Is Jake Fromm a perfect round 2 option?

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Jake Fromm should be a player that the Chicago Bears look into

Jake Fromm was thrown into action in the first game of his true freshman season due to an injury to Jacob Eason. From there, Fromm never looked back, leading Georgia to an SEC Championship and College Football Playoff Semifinal win.

Fromm started the next two seasons, both of which saw the Bull Dogs in the SEC Championship, despite being on the losing end to Alabama and LSU.

Fromm declared early for the NFL draft. After all of the talk about Senior Bowl quarterbacks, is Fromm the real player to keep an eye on?


Fromm has a strong understanding of football from a mental standpoint. To start, jumping into the SEC as a freshman is hard. Neither Tua nor Joe Burrow can claim that. Fromm beat out Jacob Eason, who is considered a draft prospect this year, forcing Eason to transfer. He beat out Justin Fields as well, forcing him to transfer to Ohio State. Those are players that are more physically impressive but did not have the same mental advancements as Fromm.

Many Bears fans will point to drafting Jalen Hurts, but Hurts was benched as a sophomore in a game in which he was getting blown out by Fromm when Fromm was a freshman.

He has the understanding and experience down. He throws with accuracy and anticipation, and his most impressive trait is his pocket movement. He is calm in the pocket and stands in the pocket without fear of taking hits.


Fromm is not the most physically imposing quarterback. He can stand in the pocket and get through reads but is not the best extending off-script. He is arm may be good enough but is not great. His accuracy is exceptional but is not pinpoint.

Fromm led a run-first offense and was much more of a game manager than a player who took over games and won them. There is a question as to whether he is a great backup who does not quite have the physical upside to be a starter.

Pro Comparison

This may sound off to some people, but he compares somewhere from Matt Moore to Kirk Cousins. Both had successful college careers, but both fell in the draft due to the game manager moniker.

Matt Moore has been a long term career backup. He even got a chance to start in the playoffs when Ryan Tannehill tore his ACL. He is great to have in the quarterback room and can start in a pinch. He protects the ball and understands his role, but that role is a backup. This could be an outcome for Fromm.

However, while Cousins does not have the most active arm, he has improved upon his deep ball year after year and has always protected the football and shown up prepared. Fromm could be on this spectrum where sitting a year and gaining that added boost to his arm in the best thing for him, similar to Cousins.

Fit with Chicago Bears

Jake Fromm to Chicago is a fascinating idea. With Trubisky, you have the former running back who can move and rip the ball a mile or into the tightest window. However, he gives you that deer in the headlight look when the defense does not do what is expected. He struggled to beat out Marquise Williams and has limited experience in college.

On the other end, Fromm has been through it all. He forced two potential NFL quarterbacks to transfer while facing SEC defenders. He is poised and comfortable and has seen exotic coverages. However, he brings no mobility in a league where it is more valuable than ever and does not have the arm strength to work off-platform.

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If you could combine these two, it would be great. Still, the competition would be real and would bring out the best in both, or at the very least one. Is Jake Fromm a must draft if he falls to the right spot?