Chicago Bears: 2 trades to free up cap space to sign Tom Brady

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Two Trades – Two Busts

Here it is folks. For everyone out there who wants to see Mitchell Trubisky gone, Bill Barnwell makes it happen in his final trade prediction. The Chicago Bears owe Trubisky over $9 million in 2020. To make more cap room to sign and pay Tom Brady, Barnwell has Ryan Pace shipping Trubisky off to Miami in exchange for Josh Rosen.

The deal is not a straight-up trade swapping just the quarterbacks. Nope, the Chicago Bears need to send off a seventh-round pick to sweeten the pot. Personally, I am completely against this move, but if the team is truly departing from Trubisky it makes little sense to pick up his fifth-year option and pay him too much money to sit on the bench.

By sending Trubisky south, the team would be bringing in another former first-round pick in Josh Rosen. Rosen has been on two teams in two years. After this trade, he will have been on three teams in three years. Hearing this does not make the deal sound good. Remember though, Brady would start and Rosen would be a backup. He is also due less than $5 million dollars in 2020 and less than $3 million in 2021.

Essentially the Bears would have two years of control on Rosen for less than the cost of Trubisky just for the 2020 season. Rosen is a better quarterback than many think. He has not lived up to his expectations, but if the Chicago Bears had to make the switch, bringing in Rosen at this price makes complete sense. Could he take over in a couple of years when Brady finally retires?

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There you have it. The Chicago Bears can make these two trades, or something similar if the team wants to move on from Trubisky