Signing a veteran QB should be a top priority for Ryan Pace

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears must hire a more reliable backup than Chase Daniel. It is apparent that Mitch Trubisky is their starting QB but what will happen if he gets injured or struggles? It is dire that the Bears go out and find a solid backup QB contingency plan.

As pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, it is hard to imagine we are still talking about the upcoming Chicago Bears season. However, with the recent trade rumors swirling up, conversations have picked up a little more fluently than they normally would this time of year. Whether it is trading for a quarterback or for a pick in the first round, what seemed like a set in a stone plan at QB for the Chicago Bears has now left us with a new uncertainty.

If Ryan Pace does decide to make a move at the quarterback position, let’s hope he is going to sign/trade for a proven backup for Mitch Trubisky.  Chase Daniel is not the answer and the Bears would be best to seek out a more suitable choice.

During the 2019 season when Trubisky was injured, Daniel helped the Bears get through the Minnesota Vikings but fell woefully to the average Oakland Raiders. A solidified veteran backup would not only help Trubisky with his growth but also be a solid replacement in case of a Trubisky injury or poor play.

There is no doubt that Trubisky needs to grow significantly especially after heavily regressing last season. Bringing in a veteran QB like Andy Dalton or even Marcus Mariota can help Trubisky grow. They can teach him more fundamentals of the game and how better to read a situation. Daniel could have been trying to do that with him, but after countless struggles, it appears that was not the case or the young QB is not grasping the fast-paced NFL.

If Trubisky is not the Chicago Bears QB of the future and the Pace experiment was a waste it would be great to have a veteran QB come in and clean up the mess. Look how successful the Tennessee Titans were when they replaced Mariota last season. They were one game away from the Super Bowl. Having a veteran backup can be crucial in case the Bears struggle early on. They can come in and turn around the season.

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There are plenty of rumors flying around and only time will tell which one of them comes to fruition. The Chicago Bears at the moment seem to be sticking with Trubisky and that may either be the stubbornest or their smartest move. The Chicago Bears need to have a contingency plan in case everything drastically collapses. We cannot have another season like 2019. The team is filled with many great players, and the QB position should not be one of the things that hold them back.