Chicago Bears: Ranking the 2020 quarterback rumors via trade and free agency

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I am going to also rank the quarterbacks while under the assumption that Dak Prescott is signed to a long-term deal by the Cowboys and that Drew Brees does not retire and stays with the Saints.

12. Nick Foles – Jaguars

I am still uncertain why any Bears fan would want Nick Foles to be leading this team. Not to mention the cost it will take to get him. Foles is under contract until 2022. He has an out next year, but would still cost the Chicago Bears over $15 million dollars this season. Not to mention any draft picks or players needed to be used in the trade.

Furthermore, Foles is just not that good. Yes, he has a Super Bowl ring, but he is not going to save this team. In fact, outside of his 2013 season when he threw 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions, Foles has looked like what he should be in the NFL — a backup.

11. Marcus Mariota – Titans

Another name I keep seeing fans talk about is Marcus Mariota. If you are not a fan of Mitchell Trubisky, how can you think Mariota is the answer? At least, in this case, Mariota is expected to be an unrestricted free agent. This means all the Bears need to do is pay the guy. If we were putting up Foles versus Mariota without the need of sending draft capital I would have these two flipped.

Mariota has a career touchdown to interception ratio of 1.72. This is better than Trubisky’s through three years, but that number is inflated because of one season. Whereas Trubisky’s numbers are deflated because of one season. I would put their turnover ratio per game (even including fumbles) as nearly identical.

In fact, they are nearly identical in almost every stat outside of wins and losses. Their completion percentage is basically the same, their yards per game is almost identical and their quarterback rating over their career thus far is the same too. Mariota has seen two extra years to get better, why bring in a guy to replace Trubisky who has never been better than Trubisky’s worst season? A guy who has also never been better than or equal to Trubisky’s best season. Illogical if you ask me.