Chicago Bears: Ranking the 2020 quarterback rumors via trade and free agency

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These are the guys I would be most excited about when it comes to the Chicago Bears adding a new quarterback via free agency this offseason.

4. Jameis Winston – Buccaneers

Someone, please talk me off this ledge. I keep trying to move Jameis Winston down in my rankings, but there is just something about him that I find intriguing. Winston threw 30 interceptions last season. Yikes, I know. He also threw 33 touchdowns. This has been Winston’s issue since being drafted in the NFL. He is very hot or cold at times, but the good news is this Bears defense can overcome the turnovers as long as he is slinging touchdowns.

Winston is still relatively young. In fact, Winston and Mitchell Trubisky are basically the same age. Both will be 26 during the 2020 season. I am intrigued by the idea of Winston playing under the tutelage of Matt Nagy. This experiment could be absolutely awful, but I would be on board with seeing it play out.

The Buccaneers are undecided about trying to bring Winston back according to head coach Bruce Arians. Arians wants to focus on defense over the quarterback position. As a free agent, Winston will likely see between $25 and $28 million in AAV. Is he worth that? Maybe not, but without a first-round draft pick and needs elsewhere, the team may need to abandon finding another starting quarterback in the draft.

3. Case Keenum – Redskins

Let me explain why Case Keenum is so high on my list. This is less about talent and more about how I can see things playing out successfully for the Bears. Keenum is an average quarterback. He will not be a superstar, but he has shown that in the right system, he can succeed.

While playing for the Vikings in 2017, Keenum threw for 3,547 yards, 22 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. This would be perfect for the Chicago Bears’ current situation. Keenum has a 62.4 percent completion percentage over his career. Over the last three years, while he was starting for multiple teams, Keenum has had a 64.9 completion percentage.

Keenum is more of a backup in the NFL, but he has the ability to manage games and with the Bears defense, he could lead this team to the promised land if Mitchell Trubisky falls on his face in 2020 as he did in 2019. If the Bears add Keenum through free agency, he will not cost too much.

Then Ryan Pace can look to use one of the team’s higher picks in the 2020 NFL Draft to add a third quarterback. Keenum, Trubisky and a 2020 rookie quarterback is a likely scenario for this offseason. It seems like it could be a successful one too.

2. Andy Dalton – Bengals

The Chicago Bears should not trade for Andy Dalton. Let me rephrase this. The Chicago Bears should only trade for Andy Dalton if they are giving up a fifth or sixth-round pick. Anything higher than that is not worth it because not many teams are going to be calling the Bengals knowing he is going to cost them $17.5 million this season to be Joe Burrow’s backup.

Adding Dalton would be ideal for Chicago. He is a proven, veteran quarterback who could push Trubisky for the starting job. This is actually one reason why trading for Dalton could worth it as opposed to trying to sign him as a free agent. Again, this depends on the draft capital needed. If Dalton hits free agency, he will need a new contract. If Pace trades for him, he locks him up for a year to see if Dalton or Trubisky is the answer going forward. Then they sign whoever wins out.

Dalton has a 1.72 touchdown to interception ratio throughout his career. He has averaged over 235 yards per game too. Like Jameis Winston, I am intrigued to see Dalton in a different setting. Unfortunately, I find his upside to be lower than the likes of Winston. The only reason Dalton is ranked so high is that he has a higher floor. Add in his age and how much he will cost, Dalton shoots up my rankings.