Chicago Bears Rumors: Analyzing 3 realistic trade packages for Derek Carr

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Draft Picks Only

Maybe Jon Gruden does not want to take on any of the Bears’ junk salary. Yes, that is essentially what would be taking place with the first trade package. The Bears are going to cut one, if not both of Taylor Gabriel and Leonard Floyd this offseason. If another team is willing to take one of them in a trade for a quarterback the Bears should be highly interested in, then the Bears must make the move.

If Gruden does not want a player, the Bears could still make a real move for Derek Carr. Looking back at some of the more recent quarterback trades, Ryan Pace still has enough draft capital to make something work. Josh Rosen was traded in 2019 from the Arizona Cardinals to the Miami Dolphins. The deal included a second-round pick and a future fifth-round pick.

The next trade also included the Dolphins. After acquiring Rosen, the Dolphins traded Ryan Tannehill to the Tennessee Titans. This move included a future (2020) fourth-round pick and current (2019) seventh-round pick. The Dolphins not only sent Tannehill but also gave back a 2019 sixth-rounder.

The Chicago Bears have two, second-round draft picks this year. One of them is actually the Raiders’ pick from the Khalil Mack trade in 2018. The Chicago Bears could offer to give back the Raiders second-round (43rd) pick this year along with a 2021 fourth-round pick. Ryan Pace would get Derek Carr and one of the Raiders three, third-round picks. To make the deal more fun, let us say the third-rounder is the pick the Bears sent to the Raiders (81st) in the Mack trade.