Chicago Bears: These offseason moves should guarantee a playoff run

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Scoring Points is Important

In an ideal world, I would love for Ryan Pace to find a way to trade for Derek Carr if the Raiders sign Tom Brady in the offseason. That is a pipe dream though, so let us look at this a little more realistically with the information we have currently.

Offensive Line

First off, the Bears need to sign a free agent offensive lineman. The loss of Kyle Long to retirement and the experiment with Rashaad Coward means the team needs to add at least a guard. The top free-agent guard would be Brandon Scherff. Scherff will not be cheap, but when healthy he is worth it. The second option would be Joe Thuney out of New England. The Chicago Bears absolutely need to sign one of these two this offseason.

The team should also consider adding another tackle. I would be okay if the team moved on from Charles Leno. Leno needs to be cut soon though if the team wants to save roughly $3 million dollars. Leno was not as bad as many want to make it seem, but he was nothing better than average. Pace should look for an upgrade in free agency.

Some under the radar names would be Demar Dotson or Kelvin Beachum. Jack Conklin would be my favorite option, but the Bears have limited cap space to work with and can only spend big money on one offensive lineman. To summarize, Pace needs to sign one of the top guards in Scherff or Thuney and then add veteran depth to compete with Leno and Massie for playing time.

Tight End

With the Bears spending around $12 to $15 million to help fix the offensive line, the tight end position will not be as luxurious as many Chicago Bears fans would like. The top names are Eric Ebron, Hunter Henry and Austin Hooper. These three are going to average over $7 million dollars per season with their next contracts.

Instead, the Bears need to bring back Greg Olsen for around $5 million dollars or possibly look at Tyler Eifert who should cost even less. Both are considered injury risks at this point, but if healthy would elevate this offense drastically. Olsen is only 35 and could play for another couple of years. If Pace wants to look at a guy who is not as good but does not come with the injury red flag, he should look at Charles Clay.

Running Back

Not much to do here other than add another depth piece. Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery are easily the top two guys. Montgomery has the ability to be a top back in the NFL. With the addition of a new guard, Montgomery will have a better 2020 season.

Wide Receiver

Literally nothing to do here in free agency. The team can bring in some warm bodies for camp, but I do not expect them to sign the likes of A.J. Green or Amari Cooper. The draft is where I want Pace to attack this position.


Saving the most criticized position for last. If the Chicago Bears are unable to trade for the likes of Derek Carr, then Ryan Pace must look to add a solid veteran who is not going to just hold a clipboard. Three names instantly come to mind.

Jameis Winston, but I am afraid he will request too much money. Andy Dalton, but only if the Bengals cut him. A trade for him would be too much. Finally, and the answer to the equation if the team still wants to give Trubisky a chance, is Case Keenum.

With certain cuts, Pace can free up between $35 and $45 million in the salary cap. With $15 million invested in the offensive line, and $5 million to the tight end position, that leaves $20 to $25 million. That is not enough to sign the likes of Winston and does not leave much room for Dalton either. Keenum makes the most sense from a financial and ability standpoint. He should cost no more than $5 million per season but can push Trubisky for playing time.

I know this is not the sexy pick anyone was expecting, but he might be the only option the way I want Pace spending money. This would leave Pace $15 to $20 million to spend on the defense and draft picks.

To recap the moves on offense:

  • Sign Scherff or Thuney
  • Sign a veteran tackle like Demar Dotson
  • Sign a value tight end with upside like Greg Olsen or Tyler Eifert
  • Sign a running back as a depth piece
  • Sign Case Keenum as a better insurance policy than Chase Daniel for Trubisky