Chicago Bears: 5 things to know about Demetrius Harris

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Drops and penalties

There is a reason that Harris was let go, and it goes beyond John Dorsey being fired as General Manager. Harris was not a good fit in Cleveland. Beyond that, there is a reason the Kansas City Chiefs let him walk as well.

Harris has a serious drop problem. Harris had three drops in 2019 and three drops in 2018, drop rates of 14 and 16%, respectively. Tarik Cohen led the team in drops with six but only had an 8% drop rate.

What’s worse is that 2018 and 2019 were improvements from 2016 and 2017. He had a 26% drop rate in 2016 and a 28% drop rate in 2017. That is right, over one-quarter of his targets turned into passes that he dropped.

Good thing he adds value as a blocker. Beyond that, Harris has a smaller issue with penalties. Over the past four years, he has 3,4, 4, and 5 penalizes. That is not great.

Overall, Harris can fit the Bears offense and adds a player to a position of need. Still, we need to temper expectations about what he will bring.