Chicago Bears: 2 XFL players Ryan Pace must consider signing

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images) /

The XFL is clearly not the NFL, but the league is not made up of scrubs either. Two players have looked dominant through three weeks and the Chicago Bears should give them a shot at a redemption story.

The Chicago Bears and Ryan Pace need to be creative during free agency this offseason. One way the team could do this is by bringing in a couple of XFL guys who perform well during the new league’s season.

Obviously, none of these guys are guaranteed to translate their performance from the XFL to the NFL. The same thing happens often when college players transition to the NFL. However, if any players in the XFL show such dominance, Pace and the Chicago Bears should at least consider offering them a camp contract. The type of deal that allows the player to come in and compete for a position on the team.

With $26 million in cap space and the ability to reach upwards of $40 million with certain moves, the Chicago Bears have options. That said, some positions have significant money allocated in a way the team may be somewhat handcuffed on the type of moves they make.

Those positions leave three options for Ryan Pace. Pace can look towards the draft with one of his eight draft picks. He can say screw it and spend even more at the position in free agency (I am looking at you tight end and offensive line groups). Lastly, he can go bargain-bin shopping in free agency.

Right now, there are two players who have stood out in the XFL that could fall into that bargain-bin shopping group that Ryan Pace should consider adding during this free agency period.