Chicago Bears: Fixing this position could also help fix Mitchell Trubisky

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

Even though Trubisky has many voids that need to be corrected, could refurbishing the offensive line be the start to Trubisky’s excel to franchise QB status for the Chicago Bears?

The family and I took a much-needed vacation last week. We have been stuck in the house all winter long and needed to go somewhere warm. That place was an indoor water park. The family had a blast and it was the last place I thought I would have a meaningful conversation about the Chicago Bears and Mitch Trubisky. I especially didn’t think it would involve the Bears offensive line.

When I put on my Chicago Bears hoodie, I should have known that conversation would ensue. It has happened to me before. I wore my Bears hoodies to the grocery store a few weeks back and was approached by multiple people about our love for the Bears and the heartbreak they caused this last season. A season that was filled with hope was demoralized with a season-ending 8-8 week record.

However, the conversation that sticks out most to me was with Jim. Jim was in charge of the arcade at the water park. He had an interesting take on how Trubisky could become that elite quarterback. It was a take I’ve heard before but didn’t resonate with me until I had that conversation with Jim. He said if Trubisky was going to become the Bears franchise QB he would need an offensive line and that would fix all his problems.

Jim was a kind man and I didn’t want to tell him that there are multiple problems at the QB position that need to be addressed. However, he does have a very valid point. The Bears are looking for backup QBs and tight ends, but really need to be heavily examining the current state of their offensive line. The way they played last season will not take Trubisky or the offense to the next level.

The Bears offensive line was pretty awful last year. Kyle Long was marred with injuries, Cody Whitehair didn’t play up to his potential, and don’t even get me started on Charles Leno, Jr.. It wasn’t a good showing for them and it needs to be addressed through free agency and even the draft. The Bears are not an offensive line away from a good offense, but it definitely is a strong start. A start that might even propel Trubisky to the next phase in his NFL career.

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So while Jim believes the Bears are an offensive line away from Trubisky becoming a star, I still feel that there are multiple gaps that need to be filled. Not only at the QB position but the offense overall needs an overhaul. My family loves the water park and we go every year. The next time we go I’m hoping to have a much different conversation with Jim. Maybe we will be able to talk about how our beloved Bears are Super Bowl champs.