Chicago Bears: Would you really make this trade for Andy Dalton?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The constant talk about the quarterback position for the Chicago Bears continues. The latest is how Ryan Pace is in trade talks with the Cincinnati Bengals for Andy Dalton.

When it comes to the Chicago Bears, the quarterback talk is not going away any time soon. My guess is many fans are tired of hearing about it, but when it pops up in the news we must discuss it. One of the more recent rumors is how Ryan Pace is in talks with the Cincinnati Bengals about possibly trading or somehow acquiring Andy Dalton.

Bringing in Dalton to push Mitchell Trubisky is not the worst idea in the world, but what would it take to bring him in is the question. Could Pace convince him to compete with Trubisky if Dalton were to hit free agency? Maybe. Dalton has some connection to Bill Lazor who was the Bengals offensive coordinator in 2017 and 2018. Not sure that would be enough though.

Instead, the only real way the Chicago Bears could guarantee to land Dalton is by ponying up some draft capital or a player for Dalton. If we were to listen to Jason La Canfora of CBS, Ryan Pace should give up a second-round pick (or whatever) for Dalton. Yikes. Really? This take sounds like something Skip Bayless would shout to the world. If Pace made this deal he should be fired on the spot.

Listen, I think I have made it well known I still (or at least want to) believe in Trubisky taking a step forward and becoming a franchise quarterback. That said, I understand the need for bringing in competition, especially someone who can truly push Trubisky. The Chicago Bears cannot count on some clipboard quarterback like Chase Daniel again. The team needs a true backup plan and Andy Dalton could very well be that guy.

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That said, who in their right mind is giving the Bengals a second-round pick for Andy Dalton? What has Dalton achieved to warrant this draft capital? The Bengals do not want to pay Dalton $17 million dollars to be the backup to Joe Burrow in 2020. At most Pace should offer up a fifth-round pick and honestly I am offering a sixth with incentives to turn into a fifth-rounder.

Would any of you Bears fans out there give up the second-round pick for Andy Dalton as La Canfora has suggested?