Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace must call on these two Pro Bowl linemen

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Chicago Bears, Trent Williams
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Trent Williams – LT

Early reports are that Trent Williams is looking for $20 million per season. Let me start off by saying he will not see that amount of money. Not even close if I am being honest. The top left tackle salary in AAV is currently $16 million for Taylor Lewan.

Lewan is not the best left tackle in football, but there is no reason any team would pay Williams more than Lewan. Lewan is four years younger and both Williams and Lewan are about equal in talent. I would put Williams slightly higher but we are talking the same tier.

Nate Solder is the second-highest-paid left tackle with an AAV of $15.5 million. Like Williams, Solder is slated to turn 32 this season. Solder had a fantastic 2019, whereas Williams did not even play in 2019. Again, just another reason why the $20 million mark is far off.

Williams is already earning the seventh highest-paid salary in AAV at $13.6 million. He did not play last year because of a holdout that he claims was because of the Washington medical staff. Maybe it was money after all? Either way, Williams is still under contract for 2020. In order for the Chicago Bears to be able to acquire him, Ryan Pace would have to come up with a trade package. The seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle would probably cost them a second-rounder.

Williams is one of the best left tackles in the league and would instantly be an upgrade over the inconsistent Charles Leno. If the team makes the trade then Leno could actually be let go for a $3 million savings. With limited cap space, $3 million could be needed for a move of this magnitude. The Chicago Bears line would instantly jump from the bottom half of the league to the top half. This would be a bold move, but one Pace must consider.