Chicago Bears Rumors: Derek Carr trade talks heating up

Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The rumors surrounding NFL teams and players are hot and heavy. A recent one centers around Derek Carr to the Chicago Bears.

The NFL is days away from free agency. The Chicago Bears have been the center of many conversions around the quarterback position. As rumors start to flow like fine wine, it only makes sense then that one about Derek Carr to the Chicago Bears starts to heat up.

This is not the first time the Carr to Chicago rumors were brought up. The rumor came about last month when Carr posted a photo of him and current Bears outside linebacker Khalil Mack. It seems this is not where the rumors will end.

Now, the rumors may be even more legit than just an Instagram photo. A radio personality in Atlanta mentioned that the Las Vegas Raiders are exploring trade talks surrounding Derek Carr. The radio host also said that one team involved in those talks is the Chicago Bears.

We must be cautious with rumors like this as just anyone and their brother can tweet things, but Paul Crane at least has connections in the sports world and could have inside knowledge.

Recent mock drafts have Jon Gruden finding a new quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. Maybe it is not too far fetched that the Raiders move on from Carr after all?

What would it take to get Carr? That will depend on how badly the Raiders want to make a change. Precedent has shown it should cost less than a second-round pick, but if the Chicago Bears keep Leonard Floyd then giving up a second-rounder for Carr would be worth it in my opinion.

Carr is towards the top of the second-tier of quarterbacks in the NFL. He consistently finds himself in the top 12 of many quarterback categories year-in and year-out. Many are concerned about his play falling off when in cold weather.

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I have seen the numbers and they are real, but I also am not too concerned. If Carr were to be traded to the Chicago Bears, he would adjust rather quickly once he practiced in the cold weather more. Not to mention, it usually does not get cold until December anyway. Adding a quarterback like Carr means Mitchell Trubisky‘s time in Chicago would be numbered. Many believe adding a quarterback like Carr would also mean the Bears become instant Super Bowl contenders.