Chicago Bears: 5 worst free agent signings by Ryan Pace

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Chicago Bears, Mike Glennon
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Mike Glennon

Tight ends, kickers and quarterbacks oh my. Ryan Pace seems to not be able to lock down anyone at these positions. Slotted into the number one spot is the signing of Mike Glennon in 2017. Glennon was brought in to be the starter by signing a three-year deal worth $45 million. Glennon was guaranteed $18.5 million for his services.

Glennon came out of Tampa Bay where he had a 5-13 record when starting under center. That in itself was not a good enough barometer for the Bears to look at apparently. Glennon did more of the same while starting for John Fox. Glennon started four games and the team went 1-4 during his tenure as the Bears starting quarterback.

Glennon was averaging just over 200 yards per game for the Bears. He threw four touchdown passes and five interceptions. He lost the starting position to Mitchell Trubisky in 2017 and was then cut that offseason.  With Glennon starting only four games, he was paid over $4 million dollars per game. That is not ideal when it comes to any free agent, let alone a free-agent quarterback.

Reminiscing about some of these players has led me to start to question Pace’s ability to find certain positions in both free agency and the draft. If he cannot land a tight end, if Trubisky fails miserably and is out the door after 2020 and if Eddy Pineiro has a horrid 2020 season, Pace will find himself on the hot seat going into 2021.

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Things have not all been bad though. Pace has hit big on some of his free agents. We will be listing those five shortly. Until then, let us hope for more award winners and fewer duds, shall we?