Chicago Bears: Jimmy Graham signing should guarantee these two cuts

Jimmy Graham (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Jimmy Graham (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears signed Jimmy Graham to a two-year, $16 million dollar deal on Monday. The move should guarantee these two players are now cut.

Although unofficial until Wednesday, March 18, early reports are that Jimmy Graham has agreed to a two-year contract worth $16 million dollars with the Chicago Bears. The Bears’ new tight end is not what he used to be, but he also is not as bad as he was in Green Bay over the last two years. More on that to come as I break down film later this week.

With the addition of the Jimmy Graham to the roster, the Bears now have nine tight ends not counting J.P. Holtz who is an exclusive restricted free agent. Could the team attack the tight end position like they did the kicking position last year? Highly unlikely. Instead, the team needs to cut away some of the fat. To do this, Ryan Pace will have to remove some of the tight ends from the roster.

Right now, the Chicago Bears look to have around $17 million left in cap space. The team is clearly in the hunt for a new quarterback. In order to make that work, Pace will need to find a way to add some much-needed salary-cap space. With the way the first day of free agency went, money is being thrown around left and right. Even the Graham signing was more than I would have expected for the nearly 34-year-old, but the signing still makes sense.

Ryan Pace will need to really consider the situation with Leonard Floyd. Ideally, both will decide on some sort of extension. If not, Floyd is going to cost the Bears more than $13 million dollars this year. Until then, Pace should have no problem making these two cuts.