Chicago Bears Rumors: Who is left for Ryan Pace at quarterback?

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Nick Foles – Via Trade

Nick Foles is up next. It has been rumored that Foles could be a trade target for teams. That said, the Jaguars do not seem to be in any rush to trade him. The rumors have been that the Jaguars are willing to send picks to a team in order to dump Foles’ salary. However, it seems that rumor is just a rumor as Adam Schefter of ESPN has been reporting the Jaguars do not seem interested in trading him at all but does admit that could change.

Here is the thing. If the Bears can somehow get Foles and a second or third-round pick, then I will not hate the trade. If the Bears are able to get Foles but are sending a pick without netting one in return, no thank you. He has to be the most overpaid backup in the NFL and that is including Chase Daniel, who by the way agreed to sign with the Lions.

Foles is under contract until 2022. He has an out next year, but would still cost the Chicago Bears over $15 million dollars this season. Not to mention whatever draft picks they would have to send in the deal. As I said, if they can get a higher pick in return the deal makes sense. If they are giving away a fourth and receiving only a sixth in return, I am not interested and the Bears should not be either.

Furthermore, Foles is just not that good. Yes, he has a Super Bowl ring, but he is not going to save this team. In fact, outside of his 2013 season when he threw 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions, Foles has looked like what he should be in the NFL — a backup.