Chicago Bears Rumors: Who is left for Ryan Pace at quarterback?

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Jameis Winston – Free Agency

How about Jameis Winston? Winston is still available. Although, if Tom Brady signs with the Bucs, it is most likely that Winston ends up with the Chargers. If this happens, the Chargers are going from one quarterback who throws for a ton of yards and touchdowns but also throws many interceptions to another quarterback who does the same things but is younger.

I am one of the weird few who would be okay with giving Jameis Winston a chance here in Chicago. Winston has had a few off the field issues and has a tendency to turn the ball over often, but I would still be okay with him here. That said, his cost is going to be too severe. With Philip Rivers making $25 million and Teddy Bridgewater making $20 million, one would have to imagine Winston lands between $25 and $30 million in AAV.

Winston threw 30 interceptions last season. Yikes, I know. He also threw 33 touchdowns. This has been Winston’s issue since being drafted in the NFL. He is very hot or cold at times, but the good news is this Bears defense can overcome the turnovers as long as he is slinging touchdowns.

Winston is still relatively young. In fact, Winston and Mitchell Trubisky are basically the same age. Both will be 26 during the 2020 season. I am intrigued by the idea of Winston playing under the tutelage of Matt Nagy. This experiment could be absolutely awful, but I would be on board with seeing it play out.