Chicago Bears Rumors: Who is left for Ryan Pace at quarterback?

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Cam Newton – Via Trade

Cam Newton has been told to seek a trade since the team decided to sign Teddy Bridgewater. There must have been some obvious tension between Newton and new Panthers’ head coach Matt Rhule, Either that or Rhule just wanted to bring in a guy who he trusted more to run his offense. Either way, Newton is now available and the Bears should be interested.

I am on record of not wanting Newton, but with the limited options available now, I would be for it. I am definitely more for Newton than Foles. However, my top choice thus far would be Andy Dalton. I would probably feel a little better about him if not for his current injury status. Newton had an MVP season in 2015, but outside of that, he has done very little to make me fall in love with the idea that he could spark this team into a guaranteed Super Bowl run.

Personally, I find that Newton is slightly overrated. I find that his MVP season has given everyone the impression that this is the norm for Newton. Not only is it not the norm, but it seems to be more of an outlier. Newton has a touchdown to interception ratio of 1.69:1. That does not scream superstar as much as many want it to seem.

To be fair, we need to account for Newton’s rushing touchdowns. Maybe that will set him apart enough? Adding in his rushing touchdowns, Newton scores an average of 2.22 touchdowns to one interception. If we add in his fumbles, he scores a touchdown only 1.47 times to each turnover. This is still an upgrade over Trubisky though who scores only 1.10 touchdowns to each turnover.

Newton will fit in fine in Chicago, but when you add in his injury, the cost of having to trade for him, plus his age and I just find myself only loving the move because the other options are limited.