Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace makes second-worst trade in free agency

Chicago Bears (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears needed help at quarterback, but Nick Foles is not the answer. Ryan Pace makes the second-worst trade in free agency.

For all of those in my comments section who have been pounding the table for Ryan Pace to be fired, I am here to eat crow. For those who have been trying to tell me he should not be the General Manager of the Chicago Bears, I am starting to see why you thought this way. Ryan Pace made a trade for the worst possible quarterback option this offseason when he sent a fourth-round pick to the Jaguars for Nick Foles. Nick Bleeping Foles.

This has to be the second-worst trade of the 2020 offseason only behind the DeAndre Hopkins and David Johnson with draft picks swap. I was okay with the trade for Foles if Pace was to receive a pick back. If they gave a fourth and received a third with Foles, not bad. If Pace sent a fourth-rounder and received a fifth-round pick back, meh, I can still justify it. No. Pace sent a pick straight up for Nick Foles. A guy who is on the books now for $50 million dollars.

Now the team is down to just two picks within the top 150 picks. The hope is that the team restructures his contract, but I just do not care. He has one good season on his record. Just one. I do not care if he has chemistry with the new coaches either. He is not consistent. He is not accurate. Why are you getting a guy who has the same issues as Mitchell Trubisky? Why are you sending picks for a guy who lost his starting job to a sixth-round pick in Gardner Minshew?

Do we think that Cordarelle Patterson is happy about this move? This was the biggest offseason switch at quarterback that I can remember in my lifetime covering football. The Bears get stuck with Foles when Andy Dalton, Cam Newton and Jameis Winston are still possibly available.

Next. Bears still need to draft a TE. dark

The Bears made a Super Bowl move yesterday by adding Robert Quinn and cutting Leonard Floyd. Now, Ryan Pace made a “we will not make the playoffs” move by trading away a fourth-round pick that could have been a future quarterback by the way, for Nick Foles. Can someone please help me understand this philosophy? This is Ryan Pace saying they are still all-in on Mitchell Trubisky and he better hope Trubisky improves or Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are out of jobs in 2021.