Chicago Bears: 3 Trade packages for Jamal Adams

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The final trade package would not include any players. Instead, the Bears would only send the Jets draft picks. In order to make that work, the team would have to give up one of the two second-round options. I have them giving up the 50th overall pick. One second-round pick is not enough though for Jamal Adams.

The team knows this though and they offer a 2021 fourth-round pick to pair with the second-rounder this season. I wish there was a way to not give up one of the second-round picks, but the team would not find the likes of Jamal Adams at that point in the draft and this would be a steal.

The Jets are clearly excited for Tom Brady to be out of New England, but is that enough to put them back in the fight on a year-to-year basis? Personally, I would not count on it. In order to save face and play it off as a rebuild, the Jets should start stock-piling 2021 draft picks. Who better to give them one than Ryan Pace who seems to love negotiating trades.

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If the 2021 fourth-round pick is not enough, Pace should try a third-rounder instead. The team is clearly looking to win now and adding the likes of Jamal Adams puts them back in the Super Bowl conversation. Now all that remains is Pace to think outside the box like this and actually pick up the phone and call New York. It is one of those situations where you will never know if you do not ask. Ryan Pace needs to ask.