Will Chicago Bears add third QB in free agency?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

As of right now, the Chicago Bears have two quarterbacks. Will they add another?

Whether you are team Mitch Trubisky or team Nick Foles, we know that those are the two quarterbacks the Chicago Bears have rostered heading into the NFL draft. They will likely add a couple of names into the mix for training camp, but they will also likely enter the season with a plan for who their third quarterback will be.

Whether it be the draft or free agency, the Bears are going to add someone. Many fans will argue the draft with Foles being older, and injury-prone and the team being ready to move on from Trubisky. Find someone young to bring in. However, in trading a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles, the Bears already are down to just a few draft picks this year. It can be argued that Foles was the draft pick, he was their fourth-round addition.

Could they get the veteran route? As mentioned, Foles is injury prone. If he goes down, does the team want a rookie with no practice reps, against Trubisky, or a veteran who may be able to handle himself against Trubisky?

A name to keep in mind here is Matt Moore. Moore has been in the NFL since 2007. When Ryan Tannehill went down, he helped keep the Dolphins in the playoffs. When Patrick Mahomes went down, he went 1-1 and kept a Super Bowl season afloat. However, the Chiefs have Chad Henne as their current backup.

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If Moore went into a room with Henne and Patrick Mahomes, Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky probably sounds appealing. He has shown he can win a spot start and has a great sense of game managing. He also was with Andy Reid last year, so the playbook will be similar.

Drew Stanton, Geno Smith, and Trevor Siemian present other potential players who could step in as a third-string quarterback.