Chicago Bears: Evaluating Ryan Pace’s decisions (Part 1)

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Chicago Bears, Khalil Mack
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Ryan Pace makes it shake

Khalil Mack was one of the most earth-shattering trades in NFL history. The bears traded away two first-round picks and more for one of the most dangerous edge defenders in the game. Mind you I was one who did not think this was a move that should be made. How could a GM that emphasized building through the draft make such a splash? It didn’t follow any of his logic. Did I miss something? Is the team ready for a playoff push?

I then looked back at early Ryan Pace press conferences and realized something big. He hasn’t been following any of his early statements. When Ryan Pace was hired he had stated that he would draft a QB every year because its an important position and its wise to bring in talent from that specific position every year.

He shared how the running back position isn’t one that needs to be focused on and thanked Matt Forte for his services after the 2015 season. While Pace had not drafted a running back higher than the third round, he has taken a running back in every draft except for one in 2018 when he drafted two wide receivers.

So what gives? Why one quarterback and four running backs? Why the interior offensive line and not tackle? Why defensive backs and not edge rushers? These are the patterns one will see in Ryan Pace over the years.

Has it worked out in his favor? Nope! But in his defense he was paired up with a coach that he didn’t trust to hold secretes in John Fox. Now that he has had Matt Nagy he has had one successful year followed by one middle of the road year. There are so many Ryan Pace detractors and that is perfectly understandable.