Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace must draft this safety if he drops

Chicago Bears (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears can go in many directions in the 2020 NFL Draft. If Grant Delpit somehow falls to pick No. 43, Ryan Pace should not think twice.

Recently in many mock drafts and mock draft simulators, Grant Delpit has been dropping. He has been falling into the second round and has been available for the Chicago Bears to select with their first pick in the second round.

Let us get into the why Grant Delpit seems to be falling so far. He had what some are calling a rough 2019 season. He had plenty of missed or poor tackles. Many are saying his performance will hurt his stock. The Chicago Bears and Ryan Pace should hope for that to happen. Delpit is a first-round talent and if the Bears could land him in the second it would be a huge addition.

Now onto the why he is a no-brainer if he falls. First, I am not sure how winning a national title is a rough season. This kid is compared to Kenny Vaccaro by a lot of media outlets. I actually have a different comparison though. He is a bit taller, but my comparison is pretty clear. I see Adrian Amos in Delpit — an even better Amos.

Before Amos was the strong safety for the Chicago Bears, he was a free safety at the University of Penn State. He was known for trying to lay big hits and also missing tackles. Who does that sound like? Grant Delpit may have similar flaws, but he is also a leader, fearless, willing tackler and his versatility makes him interchangeable in the backfield.

This second-round pick could fill two needs. dark. Next

All of those qualities fit with Eddie Jackson. Jackson played more deep safety when Amos was a Bear. But that doesn’t mean that is the only thing Eddie Jackson should be doing. He should not strictly be the box safety like the 2019 season, either. Jackson should be deep; about 65% of the time while mixing things up the other 35%. Grant Delpit makes this fit so appealing that if he gets close to the Bears second-round pick, Ryan Pace should even consider moving up for him.