Chicago Bears: How the defense can still win championships

Chicago Bears (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Paul Natkin/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Dan Hampton
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Playmakers on the front 7 made this defense too dangerous for opposing offenses.

Second-year linebacker Wilber Marshall had four interceptions, six sacks, and 78 tackles. Hall of fame defensive end Richard Dent had two interceptions, seven forced fumbles, and 17 sacks. Defensive tackles Dan Hampton and Steve McMichael had a combined 14.5 sacks.

The other outside linebacker Otis Wilson had three interceptions and 10.5 sacks. Finally, the leader of the defense Mike Singletary finished his entire career with seven interceptions and 19 sacks. He had too many tackles to count while constantly controlling the defense to 10 pro bowls and a Hall of Fame gold jacket. Mind you, Singletary played in 11 seasons in the NFL for the Chicago Bears.

The reason why the stats are important to know is that the amount of pressure that font seven put on offenses limited the number of explosive plays downfield and up the middle. Scoring points like the Kansas City Chiefs can put pressure on defenses and take away the opposing team’s will to play.

At times it can motivate them to make plays. On November 11, 2018 the Chiefs lost to the now Las Angelos Rams 54-51. Combined the quarterbacks accounted for 10 touchdowns and around 900 yards of passing. Neither team would be able to do this against the Bears ’85 defense. Hell, the Bears 2018 defense (another somewhat historic defense) proved this by holding that same Rams team to only six points.

The ’85 Bears sacked Phil Sims six times and stuffed  Joe Morris, holding him to 32 yards rushing. Rewatching that game and the ’85 Superbowl game against the Patriots you can see the energy of the opposing offense drift away with every play.

The starter Tony Eason never completed a pass and was pulled from the game. Steve Grogan came in to attempt to spark the offense but failed to complete 57% of his pass attempts. Even on his single touchdown pass, he walked back to the sideline with his head down. That is what these types of defenses do to offenses.