Chicago Bears Draft: 4 Trade packages involving pick No. 50

Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Ravens
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The Chicago Bears go back to the Baltimore Ravens and shake things up a little. This is the trade with Baltimore I would love to see happen, although I believe the first trade package is more likely. In this scenario, the Bears actually “win” the trade opposed to losing it as they did in the first one.

To spruce up the trade slightly, the Bears give up their fifth-rounder (No. 163) worth 25 points and convince the Ravens to give up their third-round pick (No. 92) instead of their fourth-round pick. The 92nd overall pick is worth 132 points on the scale. This means the Chicago Bears would net a return of 432 (300 + 132) while giving up 425 (400 +25). This is actually a better return value for the Bears but still a relatively fair trade based on the draft pick scale.

What is great about this trade is that Ryan Pace is still only moving back 10 spots in the second round. With the team having so many holes to fill Pace is likely to be happy with a prospect at No. 60. The best part though is that in this trade, Pace also has a third-round pick to use. That pick comes within the top 100 prospects.

This could be where the Bears find a rookie quarterback to draft instead of grabbing a developmental one late. If the Bears do not take a wide receiver at pick No. 43, the team could look to grab one here instead. Actually, what about a tight end here in the third round? The possibilities are endless, but at least the team is giving themselves an opportunity to land more talented prospects earlier and also still fill needs and holes in the roster.