Chicago Bears Post Free Agency Depth Chart: TE

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

What does the Chicago Bears depth chart look like now that free agency is over?

The Chicago Bears needed tight end help during free agency and they got it. Now that the majority of free agency moves are done until the NFL draft has passed, what does the tight end depth chart look like?

1. Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham and Trey Burton are making the same amount of money on an average annual salary basis. They are also going to mainly complement each other, and play at the same time, or in separate roles. However, the signing of Graham does seem to state that they are relying on him a bit more than Burton. The injury questions to Burton led to this signing. That is why he is listed as number one.

2. Trey Burton

Many Chicago Bears want Trey Burton out the door. However, the reality is that Burton was great in 2018. The issue is that he was overused and got hurt by the end of the season. This led to him being over-relied on in 2019.

Now, he enters 2020 with just as many questions. However, the Bears are hoping that with Graham to cut into his time on the field, that Burton could be more efficient, and healthier in a reduced role.

3. Demetrius Harris

The second addition to the tight end room, and a familiar face for Matt Nagy. There is a lot to know about Harris, but the gist is that he is a blocker first, he has inconsistent hands, and while his athleticism presents upside, his performance has shown a limited ceiling. Still, he is a solid number three who can line up in-line, and let Matt Nagy move Burton and Graham around.

4.  J.P. Holtz

You may be surprised but Holtz led the Bears in snaps by a tight end last season. What the Bears like about Holtz is that he can block and line up in the full-back position. This is likely going to seal a roster spot for him if the Bears do not draft heavy at the position.

5. Jesper Horsted

Horsted played just 115 snaps last season, but he did make an impact in the passing game. That spoke more to where the Bears were at tight end than his play, but he still enters 2020 with a chance to make the roster.

6. Ben Braunecker

Braunecker played 142 snaps last season. In three of the last four years, he has played about that many snaps. It can be argued that Braunecker should be ahead of Horsted. However, Braunecker is older and is coming off of an injury. He was not brought in by Matt Nagy while Horsted was. It will be a tight competition between the two.

7. Adam Shaheen

Shaheen played 174 snaps last season, more than Braunecker or Horsted. However, most Bears fans would argue that he should be lower. Still, Shaheen being this low at this point tells you that he is not making the roster in 2020.

8. Eric Saubert

Saubert played 47 snaps last season. He has some size to him, and is a decent blocker, but brings nothing special to the table. It is tough to see him taking the step to the Week One roster.

9. Dax Raymond

Raymond spent all of last season on the practice squad. He had some upside coming into the 2019 season, but the fact that Holtz, Horsted, and Saubert all were brought in and saw the field ahead of Raymond shows what they think of Raymond to this point.

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10. Darion Clark

Clark spent his college career playing basketball at Charlotte, USC, and Grand Canyon. Last season he spent the offseason on the Jets but did not stick around. This offseason he signed with the Bears. Spending a summer with Jimmy Graham could do wonders for his NFL upside. Still, he is by far the least proven of this group.