4 Bargain cornerbacks Chicago Bears must still consider in free agency

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Chicago Bears, Prince Amukamara
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Prince Amukamara

Yep. Why not bring back Prince Amukamara? The only reason he was let go was because of his contract. If he is unable to find a job on the free-agent market, why not come back here to Chicago and try to finish what he started.

Amukamara is not elite, but he is a solid corner opposite of Kyle Fuller. Last season Amukamara let up 66.2 percent of the passes that were thrown in his direction. He also allowed two touchdowns for a 105.2 quarterback rating. If we go back to 2018 when the Chicago Bears pass rush was more dominant, Amukamara had a more productive season. He only allowed a 57.3 percent completion percentage and a 75.3 quarterback rating when being targeted.

Interceptions were never Amukamara’s thing. Last season he had none and in 2018 he tied his season-high with three. He also scored his only defensive touchdown that year. Where Amukamara does excel are pass deflections. He has averaged 11 over the last two seasons.

What might be best about Amukamara coming back is the fact we do not know what the offseason for the NFL will look like this year. He already knows Chuck Pagano’s system and language. Plus he has been relatively healthy. He has only missed six games over the last four years.

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Would Amukamara come back on a more team-friendly contract? Could they bring him back on a one-year deal or two-year deal with another out after one? This would allow them to pay him more and keep his 2020 salary cap relatively low. The team is paying him $1 million in dead cap already, but maybe once he sees he will not be paid much in free agency he will be willing to come back to Chicago.