Chicago Bears: Why Mitchell Trubisky will be the starter in 2020

When training camp opens up in July, the Chicago Bears will have a quarterback competition on their hands. It will be Mitchell Trubisky versus Nick Foles. However, while most have already crowned Foles as the winner, there is some evidence that might be telling a different story.

We are still under a mandated quarantine which has possibly made me a little bit crazy. It might even be more justified with the next statement I make. Mitchell Trubisky will be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback when the season kicks off in September. April Fools has passed so this is not a joke. Nick Foles is making a starting quarterback salary but do not expect him to be the starter out of the gates.

Let me clarify my prior statement: Mitchell Trubisky will be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback in 2020, however, he will quickly be replaced if he doesn’t perform the way that this organization expects him to play.

Mitchell Trubisky had a horrible 2019 season and a lot of it had to do with a multitude of things including his health and mentality. Athletes are different beasts and when they get a mental block it’s hard for some to shake that. For example, Chuck Knoblauch couldn’t throw a ball to first base from second base to save his life.  He never recovered and his story will make any athlete who loses confidence tremble in fear.

For whatever reason, Trubisky has most of his teammate’s full support and they really want to see him succeed. I think Trubisky will come out strong in training camp and impress his coaches. However, this is going to be solely based on what he has done during the offseason. Now that he and the rest of the world have been mandated to stay at home, I am hoping he has been studying and working hard on correcting his flaws.

Another advantage that Mitchell Trubisky has is he is very familiar with Matt Nagy’s system. The problem is he hasn’t been very good executing the designed plays or reading defenses schemes to audible out of the play.  Granted, he hasn’t had an offensive line or tight end to support him. He needs to really understand how Nagy’s mind works and figure out a way that he can mirror his game. He needs to boost his confidence and begin to play as he did for most of 2018.

While Trubisky will be the starter to begin the season I don’t expect him to finish out the year as the Chicago Bears frontman unless he has a superstar come back year. Also, I don’t expect the Bears to wait too long to make the change. They are not going to be playing the waiting game because that cost them dearly in 2019. If Trubisky goes out there in week 1 and doesn’t perform, the Bears will not hesitate to pull the trigger.