Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler deserves a shot in a broadcast booth

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears missed out on their opportunity to put together a balanced team when Jay Cutler was under center. Now he deserves a shot in the broadcast booth.

The Chicago Bears never amounted to the potential I thought they would after trading away two first-round draft picks for “Smoking” Jay Cutler. Cutler might not have won a Super Bowl here in Chicago, but he has been the closest thing this team has seen to a franchise quarterback since Jim McMahon. Let us face facts here too, Cutler was more talented than McMahon.

After being relieved from his duties here in Chicago, Cutler was about to join Fox Sports as a broadcaster for the 2017 season. Instead, he was convinced to come to Miami and play quarterback for Adam Gase and the Dolphins.

Things did not work out well as Cutler went 6-8, averaged less than 200 yards per game for the first time in his career and was considered washed up. Smoking Jay followed his “smoking” wife Kristin Cavallari to reality stardom. I have not watched a single episode of “Very Cavallari”, but I have watched YouTube clips of Cutler in the show and I have to tell you, he should be on screen most of the time because he is hilarious. His “I don’t care” attitude is seen on the show too.

What I can also tell, is that Cutler has no problem being in front of the camera. Playing sports on television is different than being in the limelight. Cutler does a great job on the show and it reminds me of how I became a big Cutler fan after seeing his personality come out when he did his weekly radio show with Waddle and Silvy. I think it is time to see Cutler back on the gridiron.

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Reports are that Cutler had met with both ESPN and CBS back in February. ESPN later targeted Peyton Manning, but Manning turned them down. I am not sure what the hold up is in giving Cutler a real shot, but my vote is on putting him in the booth. He has to be one million times better than Booger McFarland. Who else wants Cutler in the booth?