Chicago Bears Draft: Will Ryan Pace do the unthinkable?

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Some teams that could be looking to trade with the Chicago Bears.

The Miami Dolphins have 14 draft picks this year. Would the Dolphins look to add another top 50 draft prospect while sacrificing a third first-round draft pick? The Dolphins are in a full rebuild. They traded away players that did not want to stay through the process of a rebuild. That is one of the smartest things a team could do.

The only thing that genuinely stopped them was the fact that they got hot and won too many games last year. Had they been armed with the first overall choice, they could contemplate all of the scenarios the Cincinnati Bengals are right now. If this trade did occur, it would be at t last minute with the 26th overall selection.

The Dolphins would not have any other reason other than the guy they wanted to get went just before them at that last first-round pick, and they are on to plan “B,” which could be acquiring a few more draft picks for now or the future.

The New Orleans Saints are in an odd situation. They not only are in win-now mode; they are in invest in the future at the same time. Unless Taysom Hill is genuinely ready to take over the reins from Drew Brees, if the Saints did the opposite of what we are used to and traded back with the 24th overall selection, they could arm themselves with six draft picks and tree in the second round.

Looking at teams that like to move around are the Browns, Bills, Seahawks, and the Patriots. The Browns have the 10th overall pick, so that is out of reach. The Bills don’t have a first-round pick after the Stefon Diggs trade. The Seahawks could look to move back from the 27th pick. The Patriots have been draft day friends with the Chicago Bears for a while.

If New England thinks they can get the same value for a player later, one they will make a move. The Bears value back in 2015 for the 43rd and 50th overall picks would be 870 points. It is never an exact, but it gets you close. The Chicago Bears could trade up to the 19th overall pick, which is a value of 875. Depending on who is asking, one of the two teams could ask for a seventh-round pick.