Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft Preview: Running Back

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Could the Chicago Bears draft a running back in the 2020 NFL draft?

With David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen in the mix, the Chicago Bears do not need a running back. However, they with no depth to speak of behind the two, they do need depth. They assuredly will add a running back of sort. They may not draft one, but rather sign UDFAs. However, on day three, they may draft a third running back, if the right depth option fits.

A recent study was done to look into the types of running backs that Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy draft. Here is a list of the day three running backs who checkboxes for what the Chicago Bears need from a running back.

James Robinson, Deejay Dallas, Michael Warren, Rico Dowdle, Patrick Taylor, Sewo Olonilua

James Robinson is a local product from Lutheran Highschool and Illinois State. He is essentially the small school David Montgomery as well. He wins with lateral cuts, and power, and can catch for his size. His issues come with deep speed. If they draft a running back, bet on Robinson.

Deejay Dallas lacks the explosive needed but is a reliable pass protector, which could justify being drafted as a third running back who could help on obvious pass downs.

Michael Warren did not test due to an injury, but his best NFL comparable is Spencer Ware, a player who Matt Nagy drafted due to his size, understanding, and pass-pro ability.

Dowdle and Taylor will fall due to injury questions, but could potentially be starters in the NFL if healthy. As depth options, they would be good fits.

Sewo Olonilua is a bit taller than what you would look for in a running back, but he also adds passing game impact. He is the least likely of this group but does fit a Bears running back.

Smaller Running backs

Tarik Cohen is an outlier of the type of running backs that Pace or Nagy have added. However, if the Bears wanted that type of runner, they could look to Adrian Killins, J.J. Taylor, Raymond Calais, and Jason Huntley.

Darius Anderson, Salvon Ahmed, and Jamycal Hasty are too slow to be as small as they are. If they are to be added, it would be as a UDFA.

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Killins is about 12 pounds smaller than Tarik Cohen. He has electric speed but may not have the size of an NFL player. Huntley rushed for over 1,000 yards caught 40 passes at New Mexico State last year. Calais has 4.42 speed, but is more of a straight-line player, and doesn’t have much passing game value.

Lastly is Taylor, a shifty, dynamic bolt of energy from Arizona. He has passing game value as well, and

Best Fits:

James Robinson, Deejay Dallas, Michael Warren