Chicago Bears Draft: Is it fate if Jalen Hurts is around early in round two?

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Chicago Bears, Jalen Hurts
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The fate between the Chicago bears and Jalen Hurts.

The Chicago Bears hired Matt Nagy to become the next Bears head coach during the 2018 offseason. Nagy had multiple interviews and was the hottest coach on the market at the time. He had his choice of teams but ultimately chose the Chicago Bears. Ryan Pace, Chicago Bears general manager, wanted to find a coach who had his same vision on how an organization should be built.

Pace had already drafted his dual-threat quarterback the prior offseason in Mitch Trubisky. Nagy was the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for MVP and future Superbowl champion Patrick Mahomes. Matt Nagy had previously worked with dual-threat veteran quarterback Alex Smith.

With other options on the table, Matt Nagy chose to come to the Chicago Bears and turn Mitch Trubisky from a ball of potential into a future franchise quarterback.  The transition hasn’t gone as well as planned. The Bears recently brought in competition to battle for the starting quarterback position, but was that the entire plan?

Ryan Pace is very sneaky in what he does during the offseason. If you read my seven-round draft article, you would see that there have been a few leaks during a time in which it should be easier to contain who the Chicago Bears have shown interest. Matt Nagy once had a press conference where he said the advantage to Trubisky is the defense will always be wrong no matter what they do. Trubisky could pass it, hand it off, or run it himself.

So what if Trubisky is the ideal type of quarterback Matt Nagy wants, but he just isn’t the guy? What if all of the leadership books Pace had Trubisky read was a sign Pace wanted more leadership qualities from him? Whereas most thought the ideal fit quarterback was Deshaun Watson? Pace has been pretty quiet after his initial interest in Jake Fromm and James Morgan, and the Chicago Bears sit in a perfect spot to draft a second-round quarterback.