Chicago Bears Draft: Best case scenario now that first round is final

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears sat back and watched as the 2020 NFL Draft got underway on Thursday night. Ryan Pace was without a first-round pick, but plenty of talent is left for him to choose from in the second round tonight.

The Chicago Bears watched their NFC North rivals make four selections on Thursday. The Lions were rumored to be trading back but stuck around at pick No. 3 to take Jeff Okudah. Okudah is to be a great corner and this pick was a smart move for the Lions.

The Vikings had two picks in the draft. I was worried they would wind up with Jalen Reagor, but Reagor went 21st overall to the Eagles. The Vikings took Justin Jefferson with the very next pick. The move was solid, but Stefon Diggs is better and this move is a lower, replacement-level selection. Jefferson will be good, but I think it will take a year or two before he starts to pay off.

The Vikings then traded back with the 49ers. The move allowed them to drop back from 25th overall to 31st overall. The Vikings also gained a fourth and fifth-round pick while still getting Jeff Gladney who will likely be a day one starter at cornerback. Overall, the Vikings made some great moves tonight and it makes me sick.

The Packers on the other hand. Well, they either made people very happy or very sad depending on how you looked at it. Aaron Rodgers is not happy that’s for sure. He is probably fuming right now. The Packers traded up from 30th overall to 26 and select Jordan Love, quarterback out of Utah State.

Personally, I love this move for the Chicago Bears. I am not sold on Love and it will take him at least two to three years to have a chance to play. Not giving Rodgers an offensive weapon is fantastic for Bears fans. Also, just because the team made a move similar to what they did with Favre under center does not mean this move will work out as well. I had Love as my 7th rated quarterback in this draft and in the same tier as Eason and Fromm.

Looking at the draft as a whole and not just at what the NFC North did, we can better predict who might fall to the Chicago Bears at No. 43 and No. 50. Here is my ideal situation based on who is still available in the draft.