Chicago Bears Draft: Early grades for second-round picks

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears took two players in the second round, how did they do?

The Chicago Bears stood their ground and made selections in the 2020 NFL Draft at their original second-round draft picks. Ryan Pace did not trade up or down from picks No. 43 or No. 50. The immediate reaction to the Cole Kmet pick is mixed. Many wanted the team to go elsewhere or thought that Pace could at least move back and still land Kmet. Others love the Kmet pick and think he’s the best tight end in this draft class.

This may be hard for each side to hear, but both can be correct. It is okay to love Cole Kmet as a player prospect and see the potential he has as a tight end in the NFL. It is also okay to understand that tight ends were not targeted in this draft class and wish the Chicago Bears found a way to move down, still get their guy and also acquire another draft pick on Day 3.

That said, let us put more weight on the player in this grade rather than the “value” of where that player was taken. If I add in the value, I am giving this pick no higher than a C. As someone who tries to remain optimistic about a player before he has ever played a down in the NFL, we are going to ignore that in our overall grade of the second round.