Chicago Bears Draft: Early grades for second-round picks

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Ryan Pace found himself back on the clock just seven picks after the Cole Kmet pick. This did not give him much time to wheel and deal or even think about who the Chicago Bears should select. The good news is that he did not have to think too hard on this pick.

With Jaylon Johnson on the board, Pace was able to bring in a cornerback to fill a glaring need on defense, while also locking down a first-round talent. Yes, Johnson will be that good in the NFL. His only downfall is his shoulder injury. In fact, Johnson has had multiple shoulder surgeries (recovering from his third). Do not be too concerned though, he was still an elite talent with the injury in 2019 for Utah and will fill in nicely for the Chicago Bears.

Johnson is an aggressive corner who will do the best playing in press coverage. He will need to keep his hands off quick receivers and could use some help over the top in certain situations. That said his ability to jam within five yards of the line of scrimmage should help limit big plays. In fact, last year he only allowed a passer rating of 10.0 (yes you read that right) in obvious passing downs.

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He has the potential to be a lock-down corner and could become Fuller’s eventual replacement as the Chicago Bears must make tough decisions over the next couple of years.

Grade A

Combined, I would give Pace’s first two picks an overall grade of B+/A-