Chicago Bears Draft: What did Ryan Pace see in LaChavious Simmons?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears finished the 2020 NFL Draft with seven new players. The last pick was questionable at best, but most seventh-rounders usually are.

With 227th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears double-dipped on the offensive line. The team took LaChavious Simmons out of Tennessee State. Simmons is listed as an offensive tackle, but just like Arlington Hambright, Simmons is very versatile. Also like Hambright, Simmons stands 6’5″. The Bears clearly wanted to add some size to the offensive line.

Here’s the thing, even though Charles Leno has somewhat worked out for this team, seventh-round picks are not usually that successful. That said, it does happen and hopefully one of these two pans out. If I had to put money on it, my guess would be Hambright has a better chance.

There is limited film on Simmons available, however, the Chicago Bears at least provided us some. Not much to see here, but it seems like Simmons is a better run blocker than pass blocker. He looks to be a mobile guy who uses his power to move defenders. The problem is that he also is going up against less talented players. We know how Pace likes his small-school players though.

While at Tennessee State, Simmons played every position on the offensive line except center. Looking at the Chicago Bears roster, his best chance to make the team is as a third-string guard. Without a proper offseason program, Simmons will likely find it difficult to see many reps before preseason. That is if there is a preseason.

Looking at this pick, no one should be too upset. If you wanted a guy like Anthony Gordon, I can understand your frustration. If you wanted them to take a flier on the likes of Steven Montez or Nate Stanley I can sympathize. Maybe you wanted them to grab a safety in J.R. Reed or another corner in A.J. Green. All of these guys are worth wanting, but they also fell to this point in the draft for a reason. Even if we fall in love with the idea of a player, teams have more inside information.

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I am not expecting anything to come from either Simmons or Hambright, but if they do, that would be fantastic. At least, if nothing at all, we have a player with a fun nickname. If you missed it, apparently Matt Nagy refers to him as “Pig” on his call. You would think “Ham”bright would have that nickname instead.

Plenty more draft content to come over the next few days. Make sure to check it out as we dive deeper into these players and how they fit with the team.