Chicago Bears: Breakdown of Ryan Pace’s 2020 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

My thoughts on the Chicago Bears and Ryan Paces 2020 NFL draft.

The Chicago Bears had a plan this draft, and it seemed to have worked out pretty well. Early before the draft, I wrote on a few ways we could see what Ryan Pace might do and how that could tell us who he would draft. Most of the mock drafts I had didn’t involve trading back for two reasons. They are hard to follow, and Ideally, the Chicago Bears shouldn’t ship trade back too far from the 50 range in the second round.

Ryan Pace stayed put and drafted both picks in their original slot during the draft at 43 and 50. While I do feel it was a reach to grab Cole Kmet at 43 overall, it was a smart move since he still had options at a position of need and a position of value. I stick to my guns that Grant Delpit at 43 would have been a great find because he is a playmaker at the safety position. Tackling issues seemed to have dropped him much further than I initially thought it would.

Having a box safety is nice, but the value it brings is minimal. Those safeties are smaller linebackers. In a pass-first league, their value is limited when you have two sideline to sideline linebackers that can perform the same job. Ryan Pace talked with Cole Kmet himself just before the draft had started.

There were some rumors that the bears had spoken to him at the combine, but it’s hard to figure out the correct information unless its a trusted source. That would have made six tight ends that Ryan pace had spoken with from my source, which would have tied the list for most offensive position groups pace was seeking.

While Kmet was a reach, regardless of how one sees it, he was the only real Y tight end worthy of being drafted during day two. The 2020 NFL draft was not a solid year to grab a tight end, but most tight ends were the new aged U tight ends.

The Chicago Bears depth for the U position is loaded with Jimmy Graham leading the charge. The Y position had Adam Shaheen and Demetrius Harris leading the charge. Sometimes you need to reach on a player, especially when they are the only ones.