Chicago Bears: 4 positional battles to watch closely during the offseason

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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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This one is a no-brainer. The Chicago Bears needed to improve at quarterback. Thet team went out and traded their fourth-round compensatory pick for Nick Foles. Trading for Foles was not my idea of a good move. At least not in hindsight. With Andy Dalton now on the street, it would have been nice to see them draft a player in the fourth while also landing Dalton for less than Foles’ contract.

That said, hindsight also helps a little in Foles favor too. With the COVID-19 pandemic, offseason programs will either be vastly different or maybe even nonexistent. With that in mind, having Foles over the likes of Dalton, Cam Newton or Jameis Winston makes sense — even if he is not as talented. What Foles does bring to the table though is familiarity in a time when it is needed most. He will have some semblance of how the offense is run despite not having a normal offseason.

Now, the offense is not exactly the same as what he might remember, and that gives Mitchell Trubisky the early upper hand. Trubisky took a step backward last year, but so did the entire offense. Receivers were dropping balls and running wrong routes, the offensive line had more holes in it than swiss cheese and the tight ends, well, did the Bears even roster a tight end?

Giving Trubisky excuses is not going to matter or even help him develop. He has to hit more of his throws downfield. With all of this in mind, I am still under the spell of Trubisky and believe he will at least return to his 2018 form if not improve upon it in 2020.

Prediction: Trubisky earns the first start and will have to hold it or Foles takes over.