Chicago Bears: Reasons why trading for Nick Foles was better than signing Andy Dalton

Chicago Bears (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Chicago Bears traded a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles this offseason. Many were second-guessing the move after Andy Dalton was cut, but Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy made the correct choice.

Did you hear? Andy Dalton signed with the Dallas Cowboys for up to $7 million dollars ($3 million guaranteed). You had to hear about Jameis Winston signing for $1,1 million dollars with the New Orleans Saints too, right? Ryan Pace is a fool for trading a fourth-round pick to take on the large contract of Nick Foles, isn’t he? The Chicago Bears look like fools once again, don’t they?

The thing is, the Chicago Bears made the right choice to target Foles even though he might not be the most talented of the bunch. Yes, this also includes Foles over Cam Newton. The same Newton who has yet to sign with any team this offseason.

The Bears announced this week that the team will not be picking up Mitchell Trubisky‘s fifth-year option. We outlined why this was the smart decision, but the best news for the Bears franchise would be Trubisky not allowing Foles to even see the field this season. Yes, having Trubisky win the starting job and play well in 2020 would be the best news for this franchise — even if it costs them a large sum of money in the end.

Investing the second-overall pick (that also included a trade) into any position means a team needs to see results. Trubisky’s results have been very inconsistent and this is why we are here. This is why the team had to go out and find an insurance policy. If Trubisky had been successful, we would not even be talking about Nick Foles on the Chicago Bears. Instead, he was good and then not so good and the team cannot invest in inconsistency.

With so many big-name quarterbacks hitting free agency this offseason, many wanted to see how the team would respond. Trading for Foles was the right answer and here are three reasons why.