Chicago Bears are not the answer for Cam Newton

Chicago Bears (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

With reports coming out that Cam Newton is willing to take a backup role in the NFL this season, we must put to bed the rumors. Newton is not the Chicago Bears answer.

Reports came out today that Cam Newton will indeed take a backup position for an NFL team, however, he wants a “perfect” situation. The Chicago Bears are not the answer for Newton. Newton is not going to want to be the third wheel in a quarterback competition during a pandemic. Furthermore, I do not foresee Ryan Pace even interested in bringing in a guy like Newton.

If I had to rank the three options if all three were on the team, I am still putting Mitchell Trubisky as the best option to take the Bears to the promised land. Nick Foles is not a long-term answer and the best-case scenario for the Bears is for Trubisky to put it all together and become the franchise quarterback Pace envisioned in 2017.

The problem is, this team is too talented everywhere else to allow Trubisky to keep going through his growing pains. We have to be realistic and realize he may never be a true starting quarterback in the NFL. This is why the team brought in Nick Foles. Foles is an insurance policy. He has the knowhow to be more than just a backup if needed.

For anyone wanting Newton added to the mix, my question to you is why? It is May and the teams cannot meet. If the teams are even able to meet within the next month or two, why Newton? If healthy, Newton is better than Foles and Trubisky. There is no denying that. However, he is also not the answer for the Chicago Bears either.

If we are ranking the three from a pure talent standpoint, give me Newton followed by Trubisky and then Foles. Talent is not always everything though. Foles is a Super Bowl MVP for goodness sake. I know what you are thinking though. Why would I not want Newton to be involved in this quarterback competition if he is the most talented?

Simple. Why would I want a 31-year-old quarterback who will not be able to meet with the team any time soon to be involved in a three-legged race? Don’t you think Matt Nagy will have a difficult enough time choosing between Trubisky and Foles? How are the three of them going to share practice reps? When three quarterbacks are all vying for the starting spot, everyone suffers.

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Furthermore, it is not just about wanting Newton. As I said, Newton is not going to want to come to Chicago. It makes more sense for him to sign with teams like the Giants or Jaguars. The Jaguars are literally counting on Gardner Minshew and the Giants are counting on Daniel Jones. Neither team has a backup waiting in the wind unless you are a Jake Luton believer. If Newton signs a cheap deal with one of these two teams he could find himself becoming the starter.