Predicting the Chicago Bears 2020 record

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears record prediction done by someone better than myself.

The Chicago Bears have been given a lot of flack by a lot of national social media members and bloggers. Not all are trying to create a narrative for themselves to be put in the spotlight. Some are still going through all of the NFL teams in a nonbiased way and predicting each team’s outcome based on what the team could do.

One of my favorite social media football guru savants who are not nationally known is The GOAT House. One of the better ways to follow a nonbiased opinion of offseason football is to hear what The GOAT House has to say. I feel just about everything covered in their recent record prediction on the Chicago Bears is spot on. The only thing that tossed me for a loop was the home opener loss to the Detriot Lions.

It is a quarterback-driven league, so it is to no surprise that they felt that Nick Foles would win the competition and lead the Chicago Bears to a 10-6 record. On the high end, they predicted a 12-4 season while having a potential 5-11 record on the low side. That record is one of the more significant gaps for an NFL team.

The Chicago Bears do have a late bye week, which could indeed reflect what could happen pending injury. The Chicago Bears had a historical year of health in 2018 and regressed to one of the worst as far as star power injuries in 2019. If the Chicago Bears can find a way to stay in the middle, they should win around nine to 10 games this upcoming season.

Some key losses that The GOAT House predicted the Bears losing starts with the Detriot Lions in the season opener. The remaining losses are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 5, the New Orleans Saints in week 8, the Tennesse Titans in week 9, the Green Bay Packers in week 12, and the Minnesota Vikings in week 15.

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Nick Foles seems to be the primary purpose of having a solid 10 win season since he knows and understands the RPO offense. Many do think that mobile quarterbacks are the critical reason why RPO’s offenses thrive. The RPO offense is about being able to read the field and read it quickly. However, if Mitch Trubisky does figure out how to read defenses faster, he would be the ultimate weapon in this offense.