5 former Chicago Bears who could come out of retirement to play

Chicago Bears (Photo by George Gelatly/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by George Gelatly/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Walter Payton
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As we are all watching “The Last Dance” and remembering how Michael Jordan retired, came back and dominated, what if one of these five came out of retirement to play for the Chicago Bears again?

The Chicago Bears are one of the most historic franchises in football. If we were to look back at history, there are plenty of talented football players who have played for the Bears we could fall in love with from a fan perspective. Walter Payton, Sid Luckman, Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka and the list goes on.

As “The Last Dance” came to an end yesterday, it got me thinking, are there any Chicago Bears players that we would love to see come out of retirement and help contribute to the team in 2020? Clearly, if we could have Walter Payton return from the dead and play in his prime we would be pounding the table for him. The same could be said with any of the Hall of Famers that are enshrined in Canton who donned a Chicago Bears logo.

Obviously, this is not possible since we are not able to bring people back from their grave or even return them to their former, youthful glory. Instead, we should look at the last few years and think about guys who maybe a little long in the tooth or have dealt with some career-ending injuries and imagine how they could help this Chicago Bears team.

These five players quickly came to my mind. A few others popped into my head too, but not sure we can “claim” them as Chicago Bears since their stint was so short here in Chicago.