Chicago Bears: 3 reasons why Cordarrelle Patterson should be the backup running back

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Cordarrelle Patterson doesn’t have a true spot on the depth chart for the Chicago Bears. These are the three reasons why he should be a running back.

Cordarrelle Patterson has a key role on this team. That role is kick returner and general special teams. Patterson plays at an elite level in all areas of special teams as he is a three-time All-Pro kick returner. The problem is, Patterson takes up a roster spot and it is hard to find where he fits in the offense for the Chicago Bears to get him the ball and free up potential players to make the team.

It’s clear that Patterson is a force on this team. Getting him the ball could kill a defense with his speed, elusiveness, and size. The main problem is he doesn’t have a true role on offense or on the depth chart.

The three-time All-Pro kick returner has stated he wants to help the Bears’ offense. He said last season to head coach Matt Nagy that he could step in as a tight end for the Bears when they were struggling at the position per David Kaplan.

As the lethal weapon says he wants to get the ball, Nagy should do just that. Last year, it never happened. Nagy used him in many odd scenarios like on third-and-short plays to just dive the ball. In the times he got the ball in space, Patterson was very hard to stop.

So, why should Patterson be a running back?