Chicago Bears: Reasons why Nick Foles should beat out Mitchell Trubisky

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The Chicago Bears will try to get a serviceable offense with Nick Foles.

The second most targeted wide receiver in offenses run by Foles tends to be the speed threat. With the Chicago Bears featuring two tight ends this year, Allen Robinson and either Ted Ginn or Darnell Mooney, this offense can be dynamic. Fans worry about what Nick Foles has done outside of the Philadelphia Eagles as a quarterback. They have every right to be concerned, but the Rams and Jaguars took a good quarterback and forced him to run a system that doesn’t fit his strengths.

Had the Rams not install a run-run-pass John Fox styled offense, and tried to be more dynamic and move the ball, Foles perhaps wouldn’t have failed there. The Jaguars under John Defiliplo ran a power coast offense that featured one primary running back in a single back formation that lacked creativity.

Gardner Minshew, as a rookie, had a solid statistical season but barely passed for 60% completion percentage. He also didn’t do enough to win more than six games. Minshew might be the future in Jacksonville, but only time will tell. Foles was beaten out by the rookie only after an injury sidelined him until week 11 against the Colts.

What some are missing is, had Gardner Minshew played weeks 11 and 12, would he have thrived? Foles tossed over 47 passes in both games and completed 70% in one game and 67% in the other. Mitch Trubisky had five games in which he passed over 40 times in a game in 2019. Nick Foles already did that twice in the four games he played in that same season.

Minshew had two games when he tossed over 40 times in 2019 and completed under 60% in both of them. Trubisky had three games where he completed 60% of his passes when he attempted over 40 passes. In comparison sake, Andrew Luck in 2018 had seven of his eight games, when he completed over 60% of his passes when he tossed the ball over 40 times.