Chicago Bears: Reasons why the Lombardi Trophy should be named the Halas Trophy

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Chicago Bears, George Halas
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Halas is known for his winning ways

Outside of Vince Lombardi passing away before George Halas, many point to the fact that Lombardi was the winningest coach as to why the Super Bowl trophy is named after Lombardi. I will not argue with the fact that Lombardi had a better winning percentage than Halas as a head coach. But remember, Halas was more than a coach.

We should also point out that Lombardi only coached for 10 years in the NFL. Nine seasons with the Green Bay Packers and one with the Washington Redskins. During that time he won three NFL Championships and two Super Bowls. His winning percentage was .738.

That is great and all, but Halas coached the Chicago Bears for 40 years. No one has come close to that mark. He was the head coach of the team in all but three of the teams’ championship victories too. That said, he was still the owner and played a part in the team during those other three victories too. His winning percentage was still .682 and I wonder what that mark would have been for Lombardi had he coached another 30 years.

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Again, I leave you with this question. Why is the Super Bowl trophy named after Vince Lombardi and not George Halas?