Chicago Bears: Pros and cons of Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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Mitchell Trubisky – Pros

Contrary to popular belief, there are some very good aspects surrounding Trubisky at quarterback. Trubisky gets slandered fairly often, but Trubisky starting at quarterback would be better than most people think.

Specifically, Trubisky and Foles are two different quarterbacks. Trubisky is very good at running the ball and buying time with his feet. He has shown time and time again that when he runs the ball well, the team does well and he normally plays better from a passing perspective. A good example of that is from 2019 against the Dallas Cowboys.

In that game, Trubisky made history as a quarterback. He was the first quarterback to complete 70% or more of his passes (minimum 30 attempts), throw for three or more touchdowns, and rush for 50 or more yards, and rush for a touchdown. In that game, the Chicago Bears offense looked virtually unstoppable against a good defense.

Trubisky is also a very good quarterback when he is on the move. He looks very good as a passer when he throws after play-action. Even this past season when Trubisky struggled, he completed 68.2 percent of his passes and posted a 93.1 passer rating on play-action plays. His yards/attempt on those plays were also significantly higher than non-play-action plays.

Additionally, Trubisky was very good out of 12 personnel sets, which the Bears could not do much last season. He completed 67.4 percent of his passes and posted a 99.7 passer rating out of 12 personnel. With the new tight ends, this is likely what the Bears will run out of a lot.

Finally, Trubisky is awesome in the fourth quarter and near the end of games. He has led multiple comebacks and put the Bears into game-winning situations a lot. Maybe that’s when he doesn’t have to think, who knows? All we know is he steps up to the pressure and that is valuable in a quarterback.