Chicago Bears: Pros and cons of Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles

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Chicago Bears, Nick Foles
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Nick Foles – Pros

For starters, the thing that separates Foles from most quarterbacks in the NFL is he has been to the big show. Foles led his team to a Super Bowl, outdueled Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and won a Super Bowl MVP. Regardless of his many different tenures, not many quarterbacks can say that.

The thing that makes Foles great is what makes Trubisky bad: experience. Foles knows the Matt Nagy offense like the back of his hand since it is a very similar system to the Philadelphia Eagles and he learned it in Kansas City while Nagy was the offensive coordinator. He also has great experience with the Chicago Bears’ current coaching staff.

In addition to knowing the offense, Foles is also a master of the run-pass-option (RPO), an area where Trubisky struggled last season. Foles may not be the athlete Trubisky is, but he consistently makes the right reads and knows when to hand it off, and when to pull it and throw it or run it.

From a physical standpoint, Foles is a strong-armed quarterback that isn’t afraid to sling it. He throws a beautiful deep ball and can throw the ball into tight spaces. He makes throws most quarterbacks in the league wish they had the arm strength to make.

To bring it around, the experience Foles has is extremely valuable. He can step in and lead this team to the playoffs if need be as he did it two years in a row in Philadelphia when Carson Wentz went down. Whether he wins the job or not, he is a great mentor for the young quarterback who is ready to step in as he always has been.