Chicago Bears: 3 veterans that could be signed before the season starts

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Damon Harrison – Would be a huge depth upgrade for the Chicago Bears

Damon Harrison has been elite in stopping the run his whole career. He has been an All-Pro on multiple occasions and was among the NFL’s elite inside defensive lineman. Harrison is still a great player, but he is getting older. The Lions opted not to bring him back this offseason, and he has not joined another team.

The Bears can use some depth at that position behind Eddie Goldman. The Bears run a 3-4 defensive scheme, which means they usually have two defensive ends and a defensive tackle at the defensive front.

Eddie Goldman is as good as they get at that nose tackle position, but behind him, there is no great depth. Bringing in Harrison would be a great addition to a stellar defensive line. It is not the biggest team need, but it just might save a defense that was plagued by injuries last season.

Defensive line depth is always important to have. Harrison would be a quality guy to start or be a rotational player on a short term deal. He would give the Bears another fearful weapon to throw at opposing offensive lines. He eats up double teams which would allow the Bears pass rush to be that much better. It is definitely worth signing him if he agrees to a veteran deal.